Are there certain times of the year where you feel nasal congestion, sneezing, itchy eyes, scratchy throat, post-nasal drip, hives or swelling, sinusitis… or just plain miserable will all of these symptoms?

As the seasons change, various pollens and mold spores from the allergens around us can wreak havoc on our allergy systems. Dust mites and danders factor in, too!

Our region’s major pollen seasons include:
– March through April… Tree pollen
– May through June… Grass pollen
– August 15th through first hard frost… Ragweed pollen
– July and November… Mold spores

Any of these allergies can cause any forms of these symptoms!

But wait, there’s more! Food allergies also frequently contribute to and cause these symptoms! Stomach upset, food sticking on the way down (…  possibly suggestive of eosinophilic esophagitis!), changes in bowel habits and bloating are just a few symptoms. Allergic rhinitis, eczema, hives, wheezing… these may all be related to foods, too!

Comprehensive testing including both skin and blood levels of allergy is necessary to render a precise diagnosis and treatment plan. Recommendations are tailored to each individual patient and discussed in depth with the patient. So, don’t wait for springtime or fall hayfever misery! Get ahead of the game, and schedule your testing today!

Click link below for the daily pollen count in your area: