Have you been seen at NEA? Chances are, if you’re from the Merrimack Valley, you or someone you know has! With more than 60,000 patients in our registry just since the 2010’s and more than a half a century of experience guiding our top specialists, Dr. Tiffany Johnson is excited to bring a fresh take on a long-standing culture of providing exceptional clinical care to each and every patient that comes through our doors here at the new, New England Allergy, Asthma, Immunology, Pediatric & Primary Care, PLLC!

We are thrilled to be expanding our services to welcome pediatric patients of all ages in full, allowing us to be your family’s medical home!

Some of our services include:

  • – Allergy and immunology subspecialty services for all ages and stages!
  • – Adult internal medicine and primary care
  • – General pediatric medicine and primary care
  • – Childhood vaccine administration, vision screening, hemoglobin and lead screening as per state-directed guidelines
  • – Annual COVID-19 and Flu vaccine administration
  • – Mold exposure investigation and evaluations
  • – Urgent care and same-day appointments as needed

… and so much more!

To our referring physicians and long-standing patients: don’t worry, Dr. Thomas Johnson is still practicing and has no plans on retiring any time soon! He is excited to focus entirely on patient care and looks forward to seeing you at your next appointment!