Keeping asthma under control is key to keeping you and your family healthy throughout the year.

Our team at New England Allergy, Asthma, Immunology, Pediatric and Primary Care, PLLC employs the latest medical technologies to help you manage and reduce your asthma symptoms!

Control Your Asthma With the Niox Mino!

Think your asthma is under good control?

When asthma is not truly controlled, there is inflammation in the lungs.

The Niox Mino device allows us to measure a marker of this inflammation (“nitric oxide”) in a patient’s exhaled breath. Assessing this level allows for a much more personalized and targeted asthma management plan.

This device therefore provides our medical practitioners with up-to-the-minute, critical measurements to get you feeling better faster — or even help to prevent an asthma flare even before you feel it brewing!

Not only does this help during acute exacerbations, but we utilize this measurement to monitor a patient’s response to their maintenance therapy– thus allowing us to tailor treatment to their unique needs.

Ready to take control of your asthma symptoms with Niox Mino? Give us a call at 978-655-7820 today for details.