New England Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology utilizes the latest medical technologies to help you manage and reduce your asthma symptoms. We are now offering a new and improved device for the treatment of Asthma, or allergic airway inflammation called Niox Mino.

Control Your Asthma With the Niox Mino…

The device measures the patient’s exhaled nitric oxide and allows for a more personalized asthma management. The tool provides our staff more control and up-to-the-minute critical measurements.

With the new Niox Mino, our physicians are able to diagnose a patient with allergic airway inflammation and work on a management program immediately.

Our staff is also able to test a patient using this new device for the degree of response to prescribed therapy and affords more information to help relieve asthma symptoms and help you manage your asthma better.

Ready to take control of your asthma symptoms with Niox Mino? Give us a call at 978-683-4299 today for details.