Food allergies are increasingly common today, but often go unrecognized for years.Allergies to foods may contribute to a variety of mild to moderate symptoms, from allergic rhinitis, asthma flares, heartburn, fatigue, palpitations, vomiting, abdominal pain or bloating, itchy throats, eczema, hives… or even more severe reactions, like anaphylaxis.

If ignored or left untreated, they may be dangerous.

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A Note About Sublingual Immunotherapy For Food Allergy

Treatments (“desensitization”) for food allergies are the subject of extensive evolving research in both the US and abroad. Sublingual or oral immunotherapy– a form of desensitization to allergies by placement of drops under the tongue or powder that is swallowed — has been gaining some favor. Only one form of oral desensitization therapy for the treatment of certain kinds of peanut allergies has received FDA approval. However, the majority of these oral treatments are not yet FDA approved; and carry efficacy and safety concerns.  Additionally, certain forms of food allergy ‘challenges’ are not in our opinion safe to perform outside of the research setting at this time. It is our primary goal at NEA to keep you and your family healthy, and safe; and we will make our recommendations such to preserve that goal.

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