New England Allergy specializes in allergy, asthma, and immunology for patients of all ages.

We are an all encompassing medical group treating many common conditions.  We are a full service practice looking after all your needs.

Are you at risk for certain conditions?  Our Quality Team will ensure that you receive the appropriate diagnostic testing, preventive screening, and follow up care for:



*Breast Cancer

*Cervical Cancer

*Colorectal Cancer

*Hypertension/High Blood Pressure

*Sexually Transmitted Diseases

*Well Care Annual Screenings

We also provide Internal Medicine Care for patients 12 years and over.

Special Services And Features

State Licensed Intermediate Level Laboratory; On-site X-ray; On-site Bone Density; On-site Tympanometry; On-site Sinus Ultrasound; On-site Rhinolaryngoscopy: On-site Rhinometry; On-site Pulmonary Function Tests; On-site Audiometry; On-site Echo Cardiography; On-site Food Allergy Treatment; On-site Pediatric Food Allergy Treatment; On-site Diabetic Treatment; On-site Niox Mino Treatment.

Handicap access, main floor location in main office.